About Me

Kristina Khodai is a writer and designer based out of Austin, TX. She had worked as a writer in various industries ranging from engineering, architecture, and construction to university communications to financial services. In each of these experiences, she has worked closely with other writers and editors to create clear, concise, and accessible marketing materials, business documentation, procedures, and more. She approaches each project with a creative, storytelling mindset while using her technical knowledge to make it all functional.

Photo of Kristina Khodai

Kristina also loves graphic design and the way it can improve or build upon already great content. She has created graphics for Missouri State University’s student newspaper, Missouri State’s College of Business, and an array of technical writing pieces.

She is expanding her writing into freelance work. Please contact her regarding any questions you have about projects or pricing.

Outside of her professional loves, Kristina is an avid reader, sudoku and word search enthusiast, and frequent concert goer. She also enjoys baking (Swedish Cardamom Rolls are her favorite) and relaxing with her husband and kitten.